We are sorry to announce that we have cancelled the 62nd Annual Kempton Country Fair that was scheduled for June 16th through 18th 2016.  This was not an easy decision but because of a contractual uncertainty we had no choice.  We know many of you look forward to coming to the fair every year, some to exhibit your projects, some to enjoy the entertainment others to advertise and sell your goods and many of you to relax, eat some fair food and see old friends.  No matter the reasons you come to the fair.  The joy on your faces and all the friends we have made over the years are the reasons we put in all the time and effort needed to put on the fair.  That is why we have already started working on the 2017 fair.  Please check in from time to time for updates.  Again we are sorry for the decision we were forced to make.  If you have any questions feel free to drop us an e-mail or give us a call, this can be done from the Contact Us page.


Board of the Kempton Country Fair

The next Kempton Country Fair Board Meeting will be Thursday May 12th at     7:30 PM at Friedens Lutheran Church in Stony Run.  All are welcome.


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